Gavy May Have Auto Immune Disease

That’s why they call it the “art of medicine”, every doctor does the best they can to create their masterpiece, but in juxtaposition, that is why it is called “a practice”, because it is not perfect…

We got a call letting us know that we needed to bring Gav back on Monday to meet with another specialist. So much for the cheery message saying all was good. They need to test him for several other things, but they are afraid that he may have an auto immune disease…what it all entails we will see, but the stress is unbearable at this point! I just pray its something that they are comfortable to transplant into, and that this turns out to be a precaution and not a reality! I guess it is serendipity that they got the results back in advance, it’s always better to be prepared for everything!

We had a wonderful last weekend, it hit me today that we only have four more days of dialysis, this is mind boggling. We took advantage of my brother, his wife and son Sam flying in and took them on a whirlwind tour. It kept our minds busy and in a good place. We went to the zoo of course and Lauren gave us a pretty professional lay out of the place, and capped it off with a good old fashion Dad BBQ. On Saturday we hit the pumpkin farm since we know we won’t be able to go there in October. The kids painted them and loved riding on the tractor. Then Uncle Lance and Joanna came and kept these two kiddos busy so we could start our crazy cleaning project. We are trying to get it all done so we have a nice clean home for Gav to come back to.

Thanks for all the sweet messages, I look forward to reading them to Gavin, he is really into reading right now just like his sissy…I have to finish the kitchen floor (very glamorous)

Take Care, Jill

One thought on “Gavy May Have Auto Immune Disease

  1. Dear Winslows:
    It is great to hear that you all had such a fun weekend!!!! What a wonderful place to take your family for a fun day. I hear that Gavin and Lauren love the zoo. Then to top it off have a daddy BBQ. Life is good for today. Cherish it.

    Love Nancy

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