Gavy’s Transplant Has Been Postponed…Needs Additional Medical Testing

The rain is befitting, since this is not the journal I thought I would be writing tonight…we got a call today canceling transplant, so we did what anyone would do, we ordered Chinese food. The fortune cookie said it’s easy to swim, it’s hard to stay afloat…we are trying not to drown, but like my brother said, “life is beautiful, but it is wicked today”.

They need to do another scope and biopsy of his GI to further determine the cause of his high level of eosinophils prior to transplant. I know it’s what is best for him, but there is an emptiness that I can’t help but feel, it’s like Christmas was canceled this year…and in addition to this, Gavin will also be sporting a new cast as of tomorrow, he fractured his left wrist (unbelievable, this poor baby)…I think Jay and I are going to just fall into each other tonight and just try to make it past Thursday and stay sane.

Hopefully we will figure this out and transplant will be the better for it…I can’t help but fear waiting, although Gav is doing good now, I see how fast things change for him, it’s like they just pulled the finish line and now the end is around some unknown corner with who knows what awaiting us…I rocked him a little longer today, and kissed Lulu a little more, may the end of this madness be near! I’m slightly numb.


3 thoughts on “Gavy’s Transplant Has Been Postponed…Needs Additional Medical Testing

  1. Hello Jill, Gavin, and family

    I have been thinking about you all all week. I know delaying transplant is hard but hopefully it is for the best. We want Gavin to be at his best for transplant. Major’s surgery for vecicostomy closure and ablation of the valves was cancelled a few weeks ago but we are on for this Friday 9/28/07. Our little boys are strong and hardy!!!

  2. Jay, Jill, Lauren & Gavin,

    Our thoughts have been REALLY with you all week hoping things would go great for Gavin – and now this. I just got off the phone with Grandma Nancy – she told me the news and then I had to run and check your website. I am so sorry to hear about the delay – You’ve been building up for this for months and it has to be such a let down for you all. Just know that we are all praying and keeping you in our thoughts everyday. He has to be his strongest for this so it is for the best!

    We Love You All!

  3. Dear Winslow family,

    I can’t imagine how difficult it is to find Gavin’s transplant has been postponed, and on top of it he’s fractured his poor little wrist! But as I’m sure YOU know deep in your hearts he IS going to have the transplant, soon, and all of this waiting, heartache and frustration will be past you.

    Although I’ve never met you, I think of your family and especially Gavin often. My son, who’s seven, asks how Gavin is. You have a place in our hearts and thoughts, as you do with so many. I – we – are all praying for you and are certain he’ll be getting his transplant soon!

    The best to you all,

    Melissa Manske
    Madison, Wisconsin

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