Update from Jay…Jill’s Been Discharged and Gavy May Go Home Very Soon!!!

Jill was discharged from the hospital on Wednesday (1/10) and will now be continuing her recovery from a nearby hotel and then eventually home. She can never be too far away from her kiddos. Lauren is now keeping her spirits up by skipping, jumping, and making beautiful projects. Lauren has been a trooper and has not wanted to be too far away from the family. She’s been staying at a nearby hotel with her Grandma and Grandpa for the past week. She has visited the hospital everyday and has done very well between the hospital world and the hotel. The hotel has a pool so she loves that.

It has taken a team of specialized doctors, lots of favors, donations, prayers, and support to raise our family, and we appreciate all the messages, prayers, support and willingness to help just to get to transplant. It means a lot to Jill and me to have such a great support system and to know that literally hundreds of people are a phone call away to help.

Gavin’s kidney is still working great, and the doctors continue to watch closely to see his body adjust to his new kidney. I have heard rumblings of discharge from the hospital staff, and I’ve even spoke to one of the discharge administrative staff. So, Gavin may be out of hospital before or around the weekend.

I have been by Gavin’s side the whole time and got to witness a miracle, which has been incredible. He may even turn into a Daddy’s boy by the time he gets home (but I doubt it).

Now I’m focusing my attention from the process of kidney dialysis to all that is involved in preserving the normal function of his new kidney. This includes knowing the information on all his blood labs and his new medications. The anti rejection medications play a huge part in keeping his new kidney safe.

I’m trying to get everything lined up (insurance, pharmacy, home nutrition, coordinating information from the transplant team, and keeping watch on his blood labs) so when they tell me we can go home – we will be ready (which may not be too far away :).

Thanks again for everything.

Jay Winslow

9 thoughts on “Update from Jay…Jill’s Been Discharged and Gavy May Go Home Very Soon!!!


    Isn’t it amazing how quickly they kick you out after the transplant?!?!? I think our Gavin was “in the joint” for about 2 weeks post transplant, and the last 5 days was because he had an infection in his central line so we needed to run a course of IV antibiotics and have it removed. We are so thrilled for your family and can’t wait to hear about all of you enjoying your time AT HOME WITHOUT DIALYSIS!!!!

  2. The Winslows- Jay- you truly did witness a miracle….. Jill- you are forever a hero to your son (and daughter). Gav is so full of smiles. I think you both teaching him and guiding him lovingly have given him such high spirits and made it easier for him and his recovery. Boy- will he have stories to share when he gets older. I think you two might even be able to list DR. after your names after all that you have been through. You have a beautiful family-and there is not one day that goes by that I don’t think of you. What a precious gift this all is!! Take care and Happy Healing!!!!! Nick and Mia Zuberbuhler (and Zoie)

  3. We are so THRILLED to hear all the wonderful news. It’s truly amazing to think of all the things that have happened since little Gavin was born. We’ll continue to pray for all of you and thank God each day to have you in our lives. Just as you said, there are hundreds of people ready to help out in any way needed. Don’t be afraid to give us a call! We’d love to do anything to help make the road you’re traveling just a little bit smoother. And, of course, Mila would LOVE to have Miss Lauren visit us some weekend!!!! May God bless each of you!!! We love you tons and look forward to the next time we see you!!!!!!
    Heidi, Ryan, Mila and Taggart

  4. What wonderful news! I am so happy for your family. Gavin looks GREAT in the pictures you just posted! Sending lots of prayers your way for more wonderful things to come for you guys. Love you!

  5. We are so happy to hear that all is going well with the transplant and recovery. You are all constantly in our thoughts and prayers every second of the day. Please call if you need ANYTHING and know that we love you and can’t wait to see you get home. Give Gavin extra kisses from his godfather!

    Lots of hugs and kisses,
    Jim, Brooke, Payton and Kaden

  6. We are so happy to hear that everything is going so well! You can’t believe how many prayrs we say and how often you are in our thoughts. It’s so hard to be so far away from people that you love when you want to do so much more for them then “just” prayers. Sending you huge hugs and love!
    Sam, Beth and Reagan

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