Update from Jill…Jill and Gavy Going Home Today!!!!!

Everyday since Gavin was a twenty week fetus we have waited each day to see if he would be alive the next day. We never planned ahead, we never let our imagination run wild with the future. I now can see a little boy with a life ahead of him…I can finally start to let my imagination go.

We have just experienced a miracle, one without explanation – and one not only medicine can explain…we have been profoundly touched and overwhelmed and in complete awe.

I will have to update you more when I am feeling better. There is so much to this story. Between my parents and their childlife program here at the hospital, Lulu really viewed transplant more as a vacation than a traumatic event, and she is actually skipping out of the hospital at days end.

I continue to get better and stronger and am weaning myself off the pain meds quickly since they make me very nauseous and a little loopy.

The best news of all is that Gavin will be coming home today with us. It will be a time of new cares and new adjustments, but he is doing just famously…we couldn’t be prouder of our little man!

May the snow flurries melt before they hit your driveway!


11 thoughts on “Update from Jill…Jill and Gavy Going Home Today!!!!!

  1. We couldn’t be happier for you all. How amazing that he is coming home today! We’ll be thinking of you as you make the new changes in your lives….

    Love, Mandy, John, Charlie and Emmett Schreiber

  2. Yeah! So happy for you all. What an amazing week it has been in so many ways! We look forward to the rest of the story…

    Lee, Melissa and Charlie

  3. This is a beautiful Miracle for you and all of us who know you and for all of those who we have shared your life story with! God bless you all as you start this new chapter in your life. You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.
    Just a piece of medical advise…Miralax is your friend when taking pain meds!!!

  4. We were so glad to come back and find your van gone at the hospital. YEAH!!!! We continue to have your family in our thoughts and prayers as you begin a new chapter in all of your lives. We are so happy for you and look forward to hearing the rest of your amazing story….
    Mary & Joe, Michael, Mikayla, Matthew, Marcus and Maria

  5. Hello Winslows:
    Congratulations!!!This is really great news. You both have a new start on your lives. Enjoy every minute of it. The new adjustments will only be positive ones. Wishing you all wellness and happiness from here on out.

  6. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!

    That is so wonderful you guys are done with dialysis and discharged from the hospital.
    It will be hard at first, but you will adjust to this new Gavin with new-found energy and soon probably an appetite!

  7. Dear Jill,

    We could not be happier for you. Have been following your story for the last four months and prayed every day for the little Gavin.

    Eva, Krystian and Mariusz

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