New Video: Gavin And Annalyse

Here’s a short video of Gavin with his brand new cousin, Annalyse. She went to visit him at the hospital and they played in Gavin’s hospital crib!

[flv: 424 318]

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Day Three…Gavin’s looking better

It’s day 3 and things are looking a little brighter, Gav is up and moving and seems to be doing well without his pain meds. He looks normal again so I am starting to relax some (okay so there is no such thing as relaxing in a hospital, but feel less anxiety for sure). He played with his cousin Annalyse today in the hospital crib and managed to steal her nuk right out of her mouth. You would have thought that he won a gold medal in successfully swiping the nuk because he was grinning from ear to ear, he just kept taking it out and putting it back in – Annalyse on the other hand did not appreciate the gesture!

Thanks Julie for calling and keeping me optimistic (I hope that the small fire has been extinguished), sometimes you just need a little nudge to keep going. Jay always tells me that it’s a marathon, not a sprint, at first I thought it was catchy, but now it drives me somewhat crazy, but it’s 100% true. Can’t let anything knock you down too long. I heard a quote, life is not about how many breaths you take but how many moments take your breath away. He does take my breath away. I could just kiss his dialysis machine and whoever invented it. It gives him life, all this, all these battles are so that he can live, what an innate survival instinct babies come with—now it’s our job to make sure that his life and world are worth it! Hope you are all having fun, still no expected date of release, but we will see, I hope not too much longer! Hugs, Jill

Gavin will be in the hospital longer…Reminded of how sick he is today

Day 2 at the hospital and things are looking a little more complicated than we hoped. They think that his right kidney may have gotten bruised (which is apparently common) so we may be in here a little longer than my overly optimistic prediction of two days. Today he woke up and looked like the stay puff marshmallow man so we just hooked him back up to his machine.

Sometimes because he looks so normal, you play this mind game with yourself, maybe the doctors are wrong, maybe his kidneys started to work, and with every surgery, maybe this will be what fixes everything, and it will all go back to normal—-but seeing him today made me realize all over again how sick he is.

I know that I have to come to terms with all this, and for the most part, most days I am, but it just keeps happening. It’s still happening, over and over, and when your kid is sick, you just can’t function. Even when Lauren is sick, it’s like the world stops until she is better. And THIS is like a whole new level of sick. There are always like a million doctors around and none of them can do a darn thing to make him better, to fix him. I can’t wait until this hospital stay is over, and we get our happy, giggly, curious baby boy back. Time stands still here, it’s like it sucks out the world and you exist in this new hospital world, it’s weird.

Anyway, I am going to get back to Gavs, hopefully I will find some time to sneak away and give some more updates. Your comments and guestbook entries really help liven up our spirits. It helps to know there are an army of people out there thinking of him and wishing him well. I think Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving is on, so Gavs may get his first dose of Charlie Brown!

New Photos: Caberet at Latte Café Event a Success!

The fundraising event held in Gavin’s honor this past weekend, Caberet at Latte Café, was a great success! It was a standing-room only crowd who enjoyed a variety of talented performers! Our many thanks go out to Gavin’s Aunt Ceil and cousin Jodi who organized and ran the event. We also want to thank the many talented performers who gave their time and talents for Gavin’s cause. It means more to us than you’ll ever know! Below are some pictures from the event:


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Eve of Gavin’s Second Surgery

The eve before the second surgery and things are just moving in slow motion. Gav can’t sleep tonight, he still seems pretty uncomfortable so hopefully tomorrow will give him some relief. Lauren can sense that things are happening and is very distressed by the littlest things, however she is Dr. Lauren and has diagnosed us all with the stethoscope we brought back from his first visit. I think Jay and I are just wishing it was tomorrow at 11 so Gav would be through this hurdle. I hope that they are able to get this all taken care of and we won’t have to be back there until we start gearing up for his kidney transplant. We were told about what a beautiful job my aunt Ceil and cousin Jodi did for his fund raiser at Cafe Latte – thank you, thank you, thank you and thanks to all those who sang/performed.

We have so much to be thankful for: great family, friends, strangers who are offering their prayers and good wishes. Good doctors that care about their patients and a good education to think for ourselves, a nice house to look forward to come home to, sweet neighbors. Gavin’s disease at times can take over our life, my doctor said there are times that it will seem like a nightmare, and there is definitely that, but it also makes you realize how lucky you are. How many things that you have that you just take for granted, what a miracle your body is, how life should be lived each day, how forever you have your family, to laugh with your kids and make them feel like they are the best thing on earth and boost their self confidence through the roof. To let go of the little stuff and worry less about what others think and become more secure in what you think, to do good to others – somebody always has it worse and to always be kind. We are lucky, so very lucky! May Gavin’s luck continue tomorrow (its gotta, he’s got the luck of the Irish in his blood) and lets hope for a quick and painless recovery! We love you Lulu and Gavs to the moon and back! Just Breathe (thanks Glenda) that will be my mantra tomorrow.

Event Reminder: Caberet at Latte Café this Weekend

Just a quick reminder of the major fundraising event this weekend for Gavin — “Caberet at Latte Café”. A wondrous marriage of talents—singers, pianists, poets, photographers, artists, dancers, and musical performers, along with a silent auction is being sponsored by From Hair On and the Latte Café to help raise funds for transplant-related expenses in honor of Gavin.

Please don’t miss this cabaret-style event planned for this Saturday, November 18th and Sunday, November 19th, from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. at the Latte Café. Admission is free, but donations will be accepted in honor of Gavin. Additionally, From Hair On will donate $5.00 from every client service provided in the salon on Saturday, November 18th.

The Latte Café is located at 13780 W. Greenfield Avenue in Brookfield. Here are the driving directions to Latte Cafe. Please get out this weekend and enjoy this very special event which is being organized and run by Gavin’s aunt, Ceil Schwalbach, and his cousin, Jodi Curtis. If you have any questions about this event, you may contact Ceil or Jodi at 262-784-0922.